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  1. A foreign visitor


The desire to learn a foreign languange is a very worthwhile ambition. Learning a foreign  language not only exercises  the mind, but also allows to experience, in a small way, some aspects of culture different  from his own.  At the present time, many Indonesian people are anxious to learn English.  The government promotes this desire by making English a required in school. The necessity for English and benefits that can follow  from a good command of the language are obvious. English  is an international language . For an individual  to succed in government, in business. or any professional skill, such as medicine or dentistry, he must be  able to speak, read, and write English.  Many of the best professional  journals and advanced textbooks are written in English.  A knowledge and sufficient command of English can be considered to be a status factory.  At one time Frence was a very popular language, and the mark  of the trully educated  and cultured individual. Now English has taken over this position.

            In Indonesia there are many regional language as well as the national language, Bahasa Indonesia. Each regional language  is an important part of an ethic culture that has a history dating back many centuries.  The ancient Sriwijaya Kingdom ( 700-11000), the famous Kingdom  of Panjajaran, and the fifteenth-century Kingdom of Majapahit are but three examles of the traditional heritage of the various  ethnic  groups that form Indonesia. A very important  aspecty of these  kingdoms can be seen in the various regional languages, for instance, Sundanese and Javanese.  The history of literature nof these kingdom aere recorded  in the regional languages.  The social system  is reflected  in the language. In shot, each regional language functions as a mirror of the culture. Today, of cource, because  all languages change over time, these  languages are somewhat different from those of hundreds of year ago. Nevertheless, it is important to remember thier roots and origins. No foreign language, such as English, should be allowed to compete with the greatness of the regional languages as they live today.

            Bahasa Indonesia  is unique among the languages of the world in that it  represents the  conscious  effort of the people of a large and very diversified country to unite themselves under the bond of a common language. The Republic of Indonesia is more than seventy years old and Bahasa Indonesia is still a young language. All  languages are dynamic and in constant  change, but Indonesia is even more so because it is such a new language and does not have the framework of centuries of the use. This is not to say that Bagasa Indonesia is not strong. On  the contrary; because it arose from the desire of the colonized people to become an independent nation.  Bahasa Indonesia serves as an everyday reminder of national unity and patriotism

            For an individual to know many languages is certainly  very helpful.  It is not only a mark of intelligence, but also  a precious advantage  in education, business, and so on. Because Indonesian is still young , it is still in a state of constant change and is very easily influenced  by other languages, especially, because of its current popularity, by English. The many regional languages, Indonesian and English can develop  side by side. The Indonesian  people should remember that thier regional  languages reflect a great and ancient  history and that Bahasa Indonesia represents a brave revolutionary strugle ending in victory and natioanl unity.  In comparison  to all this, English certainly a newcomer to Indonesia, while it is a good accept English with the customary Indonesian hospitality  shown to any foreign visitor, it should be  remembered that English is just what—foreign visitor.             


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