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There are three main requirements for being happy in your work: first, do the job well; secondly, enjoy it. The third is to create a positive relationship with you fellow employees or cutomers, including those you do not like as well as those to whom you are sympathetic. To achieve happy relationships at work it is important for you to have the ability to do the right thing at the right time.

Work is a part of the life as is love or frienship. There is a great satisfaction in giving the best you can and sometimes rather more than is required without paying any attention to whether you will get an immediate reward for what you have done.

What you will get is a stronger personality. A deeper self-confidence, and wider knowlodge of your job.

It is a mistake to think that you cannot make great friends at work. Like the palymates at childhood or school friends, you share a common life for about eight hours a day. Through this routine relationship you can make affectionate and lasting friendships. The relationships are often much deeper than those formed with social acquaintances.

There is an art in getting on with such people and the secret is learning to keep your mouth closed. This does not mean that you have to be extremely quite, speaking only when you are spoken to. What we mean is to avoid gossip and careless talk. Still be pleasant, polite and helpful to everybody. If someone is particularly unplesant to you, take no notice at all and continue to behave charmingly yourself. We know that it demands hard self- disipline, but it can be very rewarding.

Many girls merry men they have met at thier jobs. A job is as good a meeting place as a party or a holiday. But a place of employment should never be considered a marriage market. Whatever happens to you, you should behave properly but naturally. Your self- disipline and natural attitude in this matter will win you friends and admirees among both the women and the men.

If you are still doubtful about your own feelings towards someone who is seeking special favour with you, do not be too cold, or specially familiar to him. When you have come to a definite decision, you should make your attitude clear from the beginning.

Ambition in itself is not a bad thing. It means “The desire to do something strongly”: that is, in this case, to want to advance in your job. This does not mean destroying other people at being trecherous to them in order to reach the top. Ambition is dangerous when it becomes the worship of your own interests.

First of all, you must decide what you want from a job. Not everyone can get to the top. The higher the stage , the fewer must realise that the higher the position you want to reach, the more responsibility you will have to carry and the more decisions you will have to make often without the help of others.

Peole in top positions have less time for themselves, have to work harder, take greater risks, and if they fall, the fall is more painful from the top than from the lower levels. If you understand what is required of someone at the top, and you are quite prepared to take the extra responsibility, go to it!

The basis of real success is konowing the job extremely well because (a) you have a talent for it. (b) you have studied it thoroughly and been trained, and (c) you have experience. It is usually when you have had a good deal of experience that the work becomes easeir and broght ideas come freely into your mind.

Many people make the mistake of wanting sensational success at the earliest possible opportunity. Such people will become easily disappointed and worried by the thought of failure. This is foolish. You need no worry about having failures unless you are too lazy to work well, know nothing abou your job, have a poor estimation of your own capacity or talent, or just unplesant in your relationships with other fellow workers.

As for the fears that some of your friends may not like you, just try to be as plesant as possible and forget them. Remember that most people want and need to be liked, so start out by trying to like them or at least behaving as if you do. Be polite, helpul and kind to your colleagues and they will repay you better then you might imagine.

Finally, never consider a job a mere pastime to be performed half-heartedly until you find something better or get married. You will be much happier if your follow the old saying, “What is worth doing at all is worth doing well.”


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