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            A hobby is a favourite way of spending your free time. It is an activity you turn to for pleasure.  A hobby is not a required necesity, like having a haircut or brashing one`s teeth. It is more like a special friend. You can choose it yourself. You spend your free time with it because it interests you and because you enjoy it.

            Since different people like to do so many different things in their spare time, the list of hobbies is a very long one.  It consists of everithing from collecting stamps and raising fish to learning  about the stars, bird watching and photography.

            Wherever you life, whatever special tastes and skills you have , there`s a hobby for you. You may enjoy collecting things, the organizing and arringing  them. In addition to coins and stamps,  you can collect rocks, buttons, butterflies, shells dolls, fans or antiques.  If you like to work with your hands, various handicrafts  and model making ( such as making ship or aeroplanes models) all requite great concentration and attention. Or you may enjoy creative hobbies, like painting, clay modelling and wood carving. May people  prefer active outdoor hobbies, such sailing, hiking, cycling or picnicking which they can enjoy with other people.

            If you really become deeply interested in a hobby, your interest may last a lifetimes.  The late U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Queen Ellysabeth II of England, as well as  President Tito  of Yugoslavia, for example, never lost their enthusiasm for stamp collecting. A hobby like chimistry or astronomy  that you star when you are still a young man may even develop into a career.

            Often, however, people find their most satisfying hobby quite late in life. Both Dwight D. Eisenhower and Wiston Churcil  were old men when  they turned to painting for relaxation.

            There are almost as many ways to become interested in a hobby as there are hobbies. You may learn about a particular hobby from friend. Or a gift may start you off. It may be a new camera for your birthday, a magnifiying glass or a scrap-book for making  a herbarium ( a collection of dried leaves).

               Sometimes the part of the country in which you live suggests a hobby. A boy who lives near river may find an unsual rock. It can be the start of a rock or mineral collection. Living near the seashore may lead to an interest in shell-collecting.

            Sometimes an adult you admire may influence your choice of a hobby. Perhaps a friend of your family collects antique glass or china. Each time you visit her she may tell you stories about the antiques on hershelves. Finally you may become so interested that you decide to start a small collection  of the same items.

            Once you have faund  a hobby that interests you. It is important to have your family`s permission and approval before you start it.  There may be a number of practical reasons for objection to the particular hobby you have chosen. You may want very much to raise a dog, for instance. But if you live in very small house, raising dogs isn`t  very practical.  

            Make sure, too, that your hobby will not disturb the family budget. You can`t  expect your parents tobe enthusiastic about a new hobby that requires buying a great deal of expensive equipment right at the start. Until you are sure that your interest will last for a long time, start out on a small scale.  If you are beginning to collect atamps, you won`t need the largest, most expensive album at first. If you have decided to play  the guitar, you might borrow  one from your friend  for a few monthhs before  your father can afford to buy one for you.

            A good way to get started on your hobby is to work together with a friend who already has the same imterest. Often you can get a lot of information and valuable advice from a fellow hobbies.  Hobby clubs, too, are an excellent idea. There may be an after-school group in your own school.

            What can you hope to gain from a hobby?  If you`ve  ever had a hobby you enjoyed, you know the interest  and pleasure it can give you. But hobbies have other advantages, too, that you might not think of it first . A hobby can give you the satisfastion of starting and carrying trough a project all on your own. Seeing a completed piece of your own work—a ship model you have made  or a scarf  you`ve knitted—can give you a special feeling of pride. You will discover too that when you have a very interesting hobby, you`re able to spend time alone quite happily.

             Often a hobby teaches you a great deal without your even being aware of it.  When you put stamps in your album, for instance, you are learning through these small, colourful pictures, something about the geography and history of those countries. When you classify  the rock in your collection, you are also learning something about geology, or the history of the earth.

            When you select a hobby that interest you, it will give  you many hours of pleasure and may led to an intresting and ctreative future. ***                         


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