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In the Eastern and central parts of South America we can find a kind of fish called a “piranha.”The piranhas live in fresh water in certain parts of the Amazon and Orinoco Rivers.

            Unlike other fish, which use their fins weapon to defend themselves from their enemies, the piranhas attack not only other fish but animals and men as well.

            A piranha has a flat body, and the scales on the lower part are also sharp that the bottom of the fish looks like the edge of a saw. These fish are of different colors. Some are brown or grey white with black spots. Others are grey on the upper part and whitish, yellowish or reddish on the lower part of the body. Both the upper and the lower jaws of a piranha are full of sharp teeth. They are strong and can be used as weapons.

            In spite of their small size, for they reach a length  of only 30 centimeters, the piranhas are the fiercest fish known to man. Unlike the sharps and other fish that attack only smaller victims, the piranhas will not hesitate to attack victims that are much bigger in size than they are.

            This fish are so blood-thirsty that the smell of blood  will make them so mad that they attack their victim  in a combined effort, even if the victim is an injured piranha. They casual bite of piranha will cause a bleeding wound, and in a very short moment the victim will perish attacked by a whole shoat of these fish.

            Once, in British Guiana, a boy was swimming in the water where there were piranhas bit him. The boy drowned before he could reach the bank, and a few hours later only his skeleton was found .  The same thing can happen when a herd one of the animals is wounded or bitten by the fish, it certainly be destroyed before it can get across the river.

            But, on the other hand, this fierceness makes them easy to catch. We can easily catch piranhas with any a kind of flesh as bait. But as soon as them bites your bait, you have to pull it out of the water immediately; otherwise your catch will certainly be attacked by its own friends.  Apart from the danger caused by them, the piranhas are edible and taste good.

            According to Mr. Nanan Hidayat, an expert on fresh-water fish breeding from the West Java Office of island Fisheries, several  piranhas have been brought here from Singapore by ornamental-fish dealers. For- tunately, no piranhas have been bred by people here, although they have been imported for aver a year.

            If these fierce creatures are given a change to live and multiply in our rivers, they will be dangerous o other fish, as well as to land animals and human beings. That is why they have to be destroyed.