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A Game for Fun:

                   Simon Says.......

 No matter how many children are present, you will have fun playing  this old game. Be sure you have enough space, because the game can become very active.

            One player is chosen as the leader, and he stand on a box, chair or table so that everyone see and hear him.  The rest stand in line about one meter a part, and all face the leader.

            The leader starts by saying, “ Simon says. Hands out in front of you. ” Each player must then stretch out his hands. The leader then says: “Simon says. Drop hands.” Each player then drops his hands.

            As the leader calls out orders, the players must follow the order but only if the leader first says : “Walk backwards” then everyone is supposed to stand still, because the leader did not say: “Simon says. Walk backwards.”Understand? Obey only the orders that come directly after the words “Simon say.”

            If a player obeys an order that he is not supposed to follow. Then he drops out at the game. Or, if he does not obey an order that he is supposed to follow, then he drops out too. The last player left in the game is the winner.

            In this game, the leader may obey the directions himself, but he doesn`t have to.  He may even do something entirely different to trick the players. For instance, he may say, “ Simon says. Put your hands on your hips!” while he himself puts his hands on his shoulders. If you watch the leader, then you are likely to make a mistake.

            Also, the leader  may give orders like this; “ Simon says. Take one step forward... Now one step to your left.”In this case, you must only take the one step forward and not the step to the left, because the leader did not say “ Simon says, ”before giving the second order.

 A good leader will call out commands in quick succession and he should be perfectly fair in judging where the players followed correctly. Each player can have a turn being the leader.

            If want to have fun with your parents some time, get them to play the game with you. They will make as many funny mistakes as you do.  


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