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A Ticket To Fun


Riding a bicycle is one of great pleasure of life. It can give you a sense of courage and achievement, an escape from dullness. In the United States

Has reached a degree of popularity it has not enjoyed since car took over the roads. There are more than hundred million cyclists, young and old, riding in America today.

The popularity of cycling is part of the new interest in health and enjoyment. Some years ago Dr Dudley White began advising American people to ride bicycle daily because this exercise is especially good for the heart, blood circulation and general health. Since he was President Eisenhower`s physician, people paid attention to what he said. Then, as more and more was heard about the dangers of air and water pollution, people began to believe in bicycle as a partial answer to that problem too.

` In many countries bicycle used for both work and pleasure, by grown-ups as well as children. In European cities such as Copenhagen, Denmark, and many cities of the Far East, there are more bicycles than motor vehicles on streets. Some countries provide special side roads for cyclists.

Unlike cars, bikes do not cast out carbon monoxide and dirty fumes into the air we breathe, and the exercise is very good as an early warm-up for working day. As for country cycling, its brings you close to nature. You can fee; the air on your face and body, and smell the fresh grass and leaves, and the sea.

The first bicycle, built around 1696 by a Frenchman named Sivrac, had two wheels but no pedals and no steering apparatus. If you tipped to the right or left, you fell. In 1816, Baron von Drais, a German , created another “walking machine”which was then called the draisine after his name. You straddled the machine and pushed with your feet, left right left right, resting your bottom on a bar. In 1839 a Scot, Kirkpatreick MacMIllan, put pedals on a bike. In 1861, the two French brothers Pierre and Ernest Michaux put more regular pedals on the axle of the front wheel, an arrangement like that of modern tricycle./

In the 1870`s and 1880`s the front wheels of bikes got bigger and bigger, the rear ones smaller and smaller. The reason for this arrangement was speed, as the bigger the front wheel the farther you went which one revolution opf the pedals. This high-wheel bicycle was call “ordinary.” It needed special skill to mount and was very likely to throw you forward over t5he front wheel, especially if you bumped against a stone , as the front wheel was much bigger than the rear one. Around 1884 in England , J.K. Starley built the first practical “safety bicycle,”the forerunner of the modern bike. It had two wheels of equal sezet; the pedals were on a chain wheel in the middle and were connected by a drive chain to the rear axle, a drive chain to the rear axle.

J.B. Dunlop of Belfast, Ireland, created a set of air-filled tires made of canvas and rubber for his son`s tricycle in 1888. They made cycling faster and much more comfortable.

What sort of bike is best? If you are under 9 years of age, the most suitable bike for you is one small enough to let you touch the ground with your toes as you sit on the saddle. For stopping and slwing down, it should have a coaster break, the kind you apply by pedaling backwards.

From age 9 to 14 you can use a ride a flight-weight speed bicycle especially if you are an enthusiast and want to go on long bike tours.

Bicycling offers a wonderful opportunities for fun, but there are some very real problems, too. Main highways and busy roads and streets are not safe to ride on. In the evening you had better wear white clothing to made sure that, car drivers can see you.

Riding skill are important for safety . You should be able to slow down and speed up as needed, and to ride in a straight line—not all over the road ! You should try to see possible danger ahead: the door of the parked car that may open in front of you, the pedestrians who want to cross the road, and the bike. You should also know the traffic rules.


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