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Dreams are like magical show that are for you alone to see. Sometimes your dream are fearful: Perhaps you are dreaming that a giant or a ghost is chasing you. Sometimes your dream are pleasant: perhaps you are flying in the air like a bird, and you feel wonderful. No matter if the dream is terrible or beautiful, it is almost always fantastic. Think happen that could never happen in your real life.

People have always wondered about dreams, Where do they come from? What do they mean? In ancient times, people believed that the dreams came from the gods sent them dreams in order to tell them what they should do, or should not do.

Now we know that the ancient people were wrong. Over the years, scientists and doctors have studied dreams, and they can tell us that dreams do not come from supernatural powers at all. Each of us creates his own dreams.

When you fall asleep, the part of your mind that works during the day (which is called the conscious mind) gets rest. At certain times during your sleep, another of your mind—your subconscious mind—becomes active. It starts to create moving pictures that you“see”as you sleep , moving pictures called dreams.

Sometimes the dream-picture ia brought about by something that is happening to your body as you sleep. Suppose your leg slips out from under the blanket on a cold night. This might start you dreaming a “cold” dream. Possibly you would dream that you are dipping your leg in cold water.

Scientists also say that most of our dream-pictures are brought about by things we have seen or done during the day. The mysterious thing is that often the dream-picture is not exactly the same as the experience that brought it about. Suppose you went swimming in a pool one day. That night you might dream that you are at the pool again. Or the dream might change th pool into a river or bathtub.

Many times the dream changes and disguises things so much that we do not realize it has any connection with real people or experiences with the real people or experiences. But all our dreams do have something to do with our real life.

Why do we dream? Everyone dreams: babies, children and adults of all ages. Because everyone dreams, there must be a good dream for it, just as there is a reason why we eat, sleep or breathe. It was easy to find the reasons for eating, sleeping and breathing, but it has not been easy to find the reason for dreaming. People have been looking for an answer for hundreds of years. Even today no one is completely sure, but we have some good ideas.

One of the first good ideas came from a psychologist who lived in Austria more than hundred years ago, Dr, Sigmund Freud. Psychologist are interested in what makes people act the way they do. Often they help people who are very worried or upset about something in their lives, so worried that they cannot live normal, happy lives. Dr Freud left that dreams migjt tell a lot about a person and that he could help his patiens get better if he knew and could understand their dreams.

Fred sought all dreams were caused by wishes. As one simple example, he told of how on one occasion his little daughter was sick and was not allowed to have anything to eat all day. That night someone heard the girl talking in her sleep, mentioning some of her favourite foods. And what would a hungry child wish for more?

As they grow up, most people try to hide some of their wishes, Dr Freud said. That is because they are ashamed of the wishes or even afraid of them, even thought there is sometimes nothing to be ashamed or afraid of. But person cannot forget these hidden wishes so they come out at night whei he is sleeping, in the form of silly dreams.

Today most psychologists not think that all dreams are caused by secret, hidden wishes. Somme dreams, they say may be caused by problems or worries that we do not want to think about. When we fallll asleep, our subconscious mind tries to help us solve the problems in a dream. Scientists have discovered that if a person is kept from dreaming for several nights in a row, he will become very nervous and may get upset very easily. They think this may be because the person has not been able to dream out the things that are worrying him.

In last few years, dream experts have made discoveries that lead them to think that dreaming may also allow up to clear useless pierce of information out of our minds. We need to do this, the scientists say, so that we can mmake room in our minds for new information and for new sensations we are receiving every day.

This new idea would explain why we often dream about things that happened long ago. Many adults can tell you that they have had dreams about people and places they have knew when they were children. These memories were stored up in their subconscious minds for many years and the dream brought the out os storage, perhaps to make room for newer memories.

Do you dream in color? Everybody who sees color, dream in color. But it usually does not seem significant enough for you to speak abut it. You might speak of a color when you dream of a certain object; you are wearing areal dress, for instance, or you dream you are seeing your sister in her white and blue school uniform, and so on.

Do blind people dreams? People who are blind from birth do not have dreams pictures as sighted people have. But they do dream. Their dream s are made up of sound, touch, smell and taste sensations—the same sensations they know in their making life. Blind people who have at some time been able to see will sometimes “see”images in their dreams.

Do animals dream? It looks as if they do. Of course, no one has been able to find out exactly what they are dreaming about. But scientific tests have given convincing indications that they probably dream too.