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Food Taboos (rules that forbid certain foods) exist throughout the world. Some taboos area based on the religious beliefs. Others come from customs that have been handed down from father to son. No one knows how some of these belief started.

            In India the leading religions—Hinduism and Buddhism—teach that all animal life is holy. The bull and cow are sacred. Member of one Indian sect, the Jains, are so strict in their respect for animal life that they cover their mounts when they go out. This is to keep them from swallowing an insect by accident. They do not eat at night because  in the dark they may eat some living thing by mistake.

            Eating pork is forbidden by a number of religions, among others, Islam and Judaism. Orthodox Jew even avoid eating shellfish. The Church of the Seven Day Adventists suggests that its members should eat no meat.  Others Christian groups, including Baptists, Methodists, Mormons, and Christian Scientist, avoid alcoholic beverages. The latter two do not agree with drinking tea or coffee. Islam also forbids alcoholic drinks.

            Horse meat was eaten in Europe for many centuries. It then become unpopular. Today, however, horse meat is often eaten in France  and other European countries and in Japan and China.

            More unpopular than horse meat is dog meat, but it is freely eaten in many parts of Africa and on several Pacific Island.


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