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Many a young man who has completed his education considers that he has learned all siders that he has learned all the lessons he needs, and that he has no needs, and that he has no need to increase or improve the knowledge. Such an opinion is a mistake. Perhaps such a person might say that he has finished his formal education to a certain extent. But it he thinks that he has come to the moment when he should stop learning altogether, when he has made a mistake he will regret afterwards.

The lessons you receive at school, that is, though the method called formal education, are only part of the lessons you need for your life. In fact, the whole world is a classroom. When you have finished school and start working or enter society, actually at that moment you are beginning your real education.

This does not mean that the lessons you receive from your teachers at the school are unimportant, but those lessons from only your basic capital. Like the progress of an industrialist, your progress henceforth depends on your ability to make use of the capital.

There many problems which you have to solve in this world and you can solve them only if you study all the things that have to do with those problems. But if in facing the problems you only say that you never learned such things at school, then you will get nowhere.

In society you can learn a lot from what you see, hear, and read. With initiative and spirit for progress, you can ask different people about various problems. This means studying, and your will–power in this case greatly determines your progress.

As you can see for yourself, two men who graduate from the same school do not always make the same progress in society. The first may make only slow progress, while his friend may proceed rapidly. Why? Because the first, after graduation, immediately stops learning, while the second feels that he is about to begin the real education that life gives.


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