When a party of British engineers arrived in Moscow to negotiate the sale of textile machinery to the Soviet government, they were amazed at the good English spoken by some of the Russian technicians they met. When one of  the technicians was asked where he had learned to speak English so well, he answered ,”Right here in Moscow while we slept  !”

            The technician was not joking.  He had been a pupil of Dr Leonid Bliznichenko, who has created a learn- while –you-sleep method of teaching foreign languages.

            Before going to bed, the pupil records on tape 30 to 35 worlds from his language text-book. He then switches on the records and places it beneath his pillow. While he asleep, the recorder repeats the foreign language words over and over again.  When he wakes, he discovers that he has sufficiently memorized the words.

            According Dr. Bliznichenko, his sleep study system greatly speed up the time taken learn a foreign language.  He believes that the pupil of average intelligence learns three times  as much while he is asleep as he does during a similar period when he is awake.  Using the tape-recorder while the pupil is asleep does not affect his rest in any way.  

            Sleep-teaching does not mean, however, that a student can learn a language without having to study during the day. What the system does is simply to bring home what has been learned during the day with text-books.    


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